About me:

Marc has been out on the road for many years, playing all across the UK & Ireland. On stage his charm and charisma seems to always get the crowds involved and on their feet; dancing and singing. From the toe tapping songs to the heartbreaking ballads to well known country &and irish music, Marc's powerful voice and stage persona combined are the reason why people are calling him, one of the greatest entertainers around.

Marc was born November 1977 in the Norwich hospital. When he was born there was a problem with his breathing and it was discovered that Marc had fluid on his lungs. He was rushed away by the nurses, thankfully they sorted out the problem.

A few days later Marc was out of the incubator and in the clear; spending his first few months in the city of Norwich. He then moved to North Walsham, where he still resides today.

Even at the young age of two and a half years old, Marc had picked up a microphone and recorded nursery rhymes for his Dad.

At the age of about 5, Marc was taken to many of the local country music dances . This is probably what founded the start of his music career.

One of the all time favourites and still is;  Warren Reeves, the man from West Virginia.

Considering Marc was a young age, he was always interested in music. As time went by other interests came and went. For example: showing budgies at bird shows, recieving several awards, riding motorbikes through fields and other teenage antics.

Marc's Dad Colin sadly passed away

                September 4th 2007:

For those of you that have known Marc during the time he has been on stage, will know he has never been alone.

For his Dad would always be beside him everywhere he went; working the music. Colin was known as "Dad" to many people and his warm loving smile he left with them as they were leaving.

Sadly while at a gig in April 2007, Colin was taken ill. After having trouble while trying to eat! Various tests were done over the coming weeks. It was discovered that Colin had Cancer of the Oesophagus and being taken into hospital soon after, where he stayed for more tests and treatment. Things got worse yet his determination to fight it, kept him going.

Three months after Colin was diagnosed with cancer, he sadly passed away.

Although he had a great deal of suffering, he went very peacefully on the morning of September 4th.

From Marc:

I never thought I would be writing this on the web-site. All I can really say is how lucky I was to be blessed with a father that not only cared, but would sacrifice anything to make sure I was ok! From the early days Dad always stood by me for doing what I wanted to do, I couldn't have done it without him.

Dad I will always love you, I'm proud to be your son.

For Always Marc xxxxxx

No words I could ever write, could help me explain.

No tears I will ever cry, could take away this pain.

Every road I take from now, will lead me back to you.

Until we meet in Heaven, when my journey's through.

A father's love I know, will never ever end.

But you were always more than that, you were my best friend.

The first time Marc saw the Irish band The Indians, was at a country music festival in Strumpshaw.

Marc saw their photo and thought it looked too good to miss, with their authenticity in full Indian outfits.

The drums started, the lights flashed and Marc was hooked. It was inspirational seeing them play, which in turn made Marc's dream to become a singer.

Still keeping the dream, a few years later Marc met with a friend who wanted to start a band. Marc said he always wanted to be a singer, so they decided to arrange practices. They started by doing friend's parties and some local clubs. This was great fun and a great experience. It also seemed to be a valuable lesson for working on stage. Some great times were had during the band days, but unfortunately times changed and the band split up. Marc had a decision to make!

Marc decided to try his hand on the solo circuit.

Before long the dates started pouring in and the diary was being filled;well in advance!

Marc turned professional around 1999. which has been something that he has never regretted.

On his long and entertaining journey, he has worked alongside The Indians at the Princess Theatre in Hunstanton.

He also sang with the Big Chief Noel Brady at the Brook house in Soham, performing on stage with the man that created his dreams of becoming a singer.

Marc is currently persuing his solo career in venues all over the UK & Ireland and is fast becoming known as one of the top showmen around. 


Well I have now been on the road for a unbelievable 26 years and must admit I still feel as though Im just starting out. As its been said above there was so many people I looked up to while starting out on this adventure who would have thought people I admired I would eventually get to call my friends.

I remember seeing Noel Brady with The Indians and I was blown away by the voice and the showmanship of this man. This really paved the way in me wanting to be a singer though never would have thought it would happen. I was heartbroken when Noel had to retire from the band due to throat problems. I thought I would never see him again and all I wanted was a photo of me and him. Who would have believed that down the line I would not only get a photo of me and him, but a chance to sing with him as well. Its a funny old world sometimes and these moments are just dreams to a young kid just starting out.

As most of you will know through following my website I have always mentioned about one of my earliest childhood memories was of a singer called "Warren Reeves" I would go and see him as a little child with Mum and Dad, I have always been a massive fan of him and his music, it was Warren that had got me interested in country music, and have listened to his music since the age of about 3. Warren went off the Norfolk country music scene way before I had ever started singing, but I had always wanted to trace him.

Most of all I just wanted to say thank you for being such a insperation. I really got a shock when near my Birthday in 2017 I got a message, it was only from Warren, He's not singing as Warren Reeves anymore but goes out as a duo with his his lovely wife Sheila as the USAUK DUO. They are both well, healthy and living in good old West Virginia. I was very lucky to have a phone call from them both and spoke to them a good while, he is still as I remember him and he miss all you Norfolk folk, he has never forgotten you and sends his best wishes.

I love the job I do, I love the people I meet, I love the stories they tell. To the people I have looked up to the most, you been the best inspiration anyone could hope for, amazing talents and above all amazing people.

   Thank you for everything, xxx

Emmitt worked at one of the venue's that we played and it went from sorting out bookings, to not only becoming great friends but also brought in as part of the team.

Now been on board for over 5 years and its a real pleasure to have him working on stage with me. A real gentleman thats a pleasure to not only work with but to call a friend..

That Brings us to the team today:

There have been many changes with working on and off stage with Me since 2007:



Troy has been a part of the country music scene all his life being brought up from a young age for a love of the music. A pleasure to welcome along as the newest member of the team. A real genuine guy with a great sense of humour. Heres to some great times ahead